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Stoneridge Design Inc. provides architecture and landscape architecture professional services including design, construction document drawings and design build services, for new homes houses and additions at competitive and affordable pricing.  Stoneridge also provides for the inclusion of stone masonry, daylighting, energy efficiency environmental design and  natural materials in our designs.

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Truth in Leisure.

regis zapatka

The very dear Philosopher "Piper" wrote a book entitled, "Leisure Basis for Culture" for those who have not read or simply do not have the time.   (I am not a Philosopher-so I may not have this exactly correct), He identifies the need for 'WORSHIP of GOD, that in the very act of Worship of the One God, Man is exposed to the potential of  revealed 'truths' not found in 'counting', 'categorizing' etc.   

I recall, and I'm not that old, when there was a 'day' that was unlike the rest.  It was a day when 'it was regular' to 'Worship'.   A day to be in Communion with Our God, Our Family, and Our Neighbor and you might say Our Nature in a specific and in a general sense.  

 To recreate in the foundation of Leisure, a respit, from the weeks challenges, found in Worship is essential.  

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