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Stoneridge Design Inc. can provide a free consultation to prospective client's that have an Architecture and or Landscape Architecture project that is determined to be match Stoneridge's area of expertise and interest.  

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Bridgeville, PA 15017

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Stoneridge Design Inc. provides architecture and landscape architecture professional services including design, construction document drawings and design build services, for new homes houses and additions at competitive and affordable pricing.  Stoneridge also provides for the inclusion of stone masonry, daylighting, energy efficiency environmental design and  natural materials in our designs.

Architecture: New Homes, Stone, Residence, Design, Residential, Home

STONERIDGE design inc. an Architecture and Landscape Architecture Design Build corporation designs Residential New Homes for Clients and Contractors for nearly 20 years.   Stoneridge has provided 100's of clients professional services and products.   A Home design from Stoneridge begins first with listening to, and then assisting with identifying the clients' needs.  These needs are incorporated into what is called the clients' program-a list of request to be solved or included into the clients Home design.  Stoneridge provides new home design options and solutions that are represented by graphs, diagrams, Cad and Parametric Models,  3d drawings and sketches.   Stoneridge informs the client of opportunities and constraints and best architectural  solutions.     Once a design is chosen by the client, drawings and details are developed into a final  architectural design solution(s) and then  into Construction Documents that are  used for permitting, bidding, estimating and construction.  

Stoneridge has much to offer our clients.   For example, often a client is unaware that an architecture can be purposefully designed first, beginning with the interior of space in response to the clients needs and functions for  each room.   A number of these rooms may then integrate with adjacent spaces to eventually become an architecture.   Several of these spaces may  connect to the landscape architecture -perhaps an outdoor room,  that is framed by an every changing atmosphere, articulated by the benefits of the seasonal change of the vegetation and this to the context and environment beyond.   This wholistic approach to architecture is one example of the many benefits Stoneridge offers to its' clients.

A Professional Services Design Contract with  Stoneridge includes the expected:  Such as a knowledge base and professional experience in architecture and architectural history.   Also, there is the benefit of contracting with a professional who graduated from a University known for technology in Architecture.  STONERIDGE  subjectively integrates : energy efficiency, systems integration, daylighting, computer modeling,  structures and design economy  so as to fit a given budget into STONERIDGE architecture.  

 Stoneridge also offers Landscape Architecture, Stone Masonry, Interior Design, LED lighting, A Practice in and products from the Fine Arts that are often integrated into the Architectural and Landscape Architectural finished Product.   Finally, Years of experience in building residential and multi-family residences in addition to years of experience in Design Build is incorporated into the design drawings and construction documents.  Contracting with a Professional who has Residential Construction and Design Build  experience is  assuring to Stoneridge clients.

Stoneridge welcomes the opportunity to integrate Interior to Architecture to Landscape to the Fine Arts to materials locally resourced  and technologies that enrich, enliven and promote the wellness of mind, body and spirit.   Stoneridge works with all budgets and architectural interests,  where Stoneridge can be of assistance.  Stoneridge  works with a variety  of budgets for projects of interest.  

Contact Stoneridge with your New Home interests.  Your First consultation-meeting of introduction is free.  If Stoneridge can be of assistance- I welcome the opportunity to provide a Professional Services contract to assist you in realizing your New Architecture-Home.  Thank you for your time in visiting this site.   


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