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Stoneridge Design Inc. can provide a free consultation to prospective client's that have an Architecture and or Landscape Architecture project that is determined to be match Stoneridge's area of expertise and interest.  

1079 McLaughlin Run Road
Bridgeville, PA 15017

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Stoneridge Design Inc. provides architecture and landscape architecture professional services including design, construction document drawings and design build services, for new homes houses and additions at competitive and affordable pricing.  Stoneridge also provides for the inclusion of stone masonry, daylighting, energy efficiency environmental design and  natural materials in our designs.

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Stoneridge Design Inc. has been providing Professional Services and Product for nearly 20 years for hundreds of clients.  Stoneridge Design Landscape Architecture Professional services are similar to those listed on the Stoneridge Design Inc. Home Page including:  Schematic, Design, Design Development and Construction Documentation.   Design Build Services can allow for  savings to be realized on the clients' Design Cost  as less Construction Documentation is required.

Stoneridge provides Design Build services for all Stoneridge  Landscape Architecture Designs.  Stoneridge Landscape Architecture includes both New and Existing Landscapes.  

Some examples of products unique to Landscape Architecture Design that Stoneridge provides includes:  Master Plan's, Site Plans, Drainage and Grading Plans, Photometric Plans, Site Details, Planting Plans and Schedules.  Design solutions are best represented to Stoneridge clients in formats similar to that of architecture with greater emphasis upon  photo real and 3d studies. Computer software and powerful hardware, not unlike that in architecture design allows for the visualization of designs as if the design is already constructed-leaving little to interpretation.   

 The landscape architecture design  options and solutions provided to Stoneridge clients in response to the clients program allow the client to see options and to select what best represents their interest.   Included with the Landscape Architecture  Professional Services,  as with Stoneridge Architecture,  is an itemization of costs.  The itemization is very useful to clients in that it allows a client to see exactly where their moneys are being  invested, and thereby, request adjustments as necessary to the design to exactly match their interests.  The final itemization of cost is very useful to the client for financing, bidding and contracting. 

 Stoneridge Design provides Horticulture services to the landscape architecture design of  gardens.   Several  of the many benefits of incorporating the knowledge base and practice of Horticulture into landscape architecture is to optimize seasonal interest,  Integrate attributes of plants such as scent, color, fruiting, attracting wildlife, match plant to site conditions or needs and so as to  minimize  maintenance.  Horticulture and Softscape design  are important to our client's, their gardens, and to Landscape Architecture.

Stoneridge provides:  Hillside plantings; privacy plantings; garden design: Natural, formal, classical, period, theme; and specific types of plantings: Roses, Vineyards, Orchards, Vegetable, Avarian/Wildlife, and for cutting-cut flowers. 

Stonerige provides ecological landscape design types such as to establish a  meadow, or successional planting, or wild life habitat.  Stoneridge also provides for microclimate design.  Features of microclimate design may include a windbreak or sunken garden.  

Stoneridge Design incorporates LED lighting design into all Landscape architecture design.  LED lighting extends the functionality and enjoyment of a space.  LED lighting also contributes to extending the interior of architecture 'outward' into the landscape architecture.  Inviting the homeowner into the aesthetic beauty, and extending the use of the landscape at dusk and beyond.  

Contact Stoneridge Design with your Landscape Architecture interest.   If Stoneridge can be of assistance, Stoneridge welcomes the opportunity to be of service.  Stoneridge offers a 'free' meeting of introduction to prospective clients.  Call 412-221-6085 or contact via email-Click on the mail icon in the upper right hand corner of this page.  

Stoneridge Design provides Horticulture services in landscape designing gardens to optimize seasonal interest.  Integrating attributes of plants such as scent, color, fruiting, attracting wildlife, and minimizing maintenance are important to our client's and their gardens.

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